Accused, Santosh Surya Kumar had filed a false case against the officers of UNADAP. After a thorough investigation by the CCB, the complaint made by the accused is found to be false. UNADAP is initiating legal action against the accused. The Commissioner of Police has a prerogative to book this criminal for lying in his complaint.


Legal notice issued to Mr. Santosh Prabhu Surya Kumar on 1 July 2019. Click here to view the notice.


Embassies have taken cognizance of this man's fraudulent acts and manipulation and would take the appropriate steps in his future visa applications. The public is once again cautioned in dealing with this criminal.

Legal team,


This is to caution the public that Mr Santosh Prabhu Surya Kumar, bearing passport # L5766429, is no longer associated with UNADAP. His association has been terminated for matters of integrity, fraud, visa misuse, false allegations and other matters of concern.

Anyone dealing with this man will be doing so at your own risk, and UNADAP will have no bearing.

Further, he claims to be a prophet and a pastor but has misused an official visa for his travels to Europe and the UK, only to be found drinking and partying at night clubs. We have other videos and pictures of him dancing with women at a night club in Europe, which we will post at a later time.

Legal team,


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