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For detailed information on criminals, Michael Prabhu, his romantic partner, Sunil Franics Lobo, his gay son Vimal Ajay Prabhu, please write to,

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FAKE CATHOLIC APOLOGIST, Mohan Prabhu, alias, Michael Prabhu, as declared by the Church; put together a printed version of his hate-speech-research work titled, “Compendium of New Age Deceptions and Corresponding Church Teachings: Medications and Meditations in the New Age”

His book (manuscript) was rejected by the Catholic Church when he sought a Nihil Obstat (In the Roman Catholic Church a certificate that a book is not open to objection on doctrinal or moral grounds), on the grounds that his manuscript is filled with hatred, doctrinal errors, plagiarism, and not to mention that  he is not a qualified "Catholic Apologist", with no formal education in Catholic theology, and he is NOT A CHURCH APPROVED LAY PREACHER OR RESEARCHER.

Our investigation team has discovered that this unscrupulous man had approached several publishers but was denied because of libel, defamatory content, plagiarism, and hate speech. We have access to the original manuscript which is nothing but a cut-copy-paste of the New Age Movement, with no contribution from his defiled knowledge. The only contribution from his side is hatred, to say the least. In the manuscript, he strips deceased priests and Bishops of their personal dignity and humanity. He had written against several lay preachers in the Catholic Church who have strived to work for communal harmony and peace amongst all religions in India. The Catholic Church had outrightly rejected his book.

Michael Prabhu had finally printed around 1000 books, whilst paying almost 2 lakhs for the printing costs, from his begging bowl as received from well-meaning Catholics. He then took 560 copies of the book to send it across to innocent Catholics, offering to send them a "free" copy, in the hope of receiving a donation.

A few copies that were lying at the ATC books shop in Bangalore, has now removed those books from the stands. ATC is a reputed and most respected publisher in Asia and does not tolerate plagiarism, hate speech or communal hatred. ATC had rejected the manuscript and refused to publish his book.

India is a nation with citizens of diverse religions, beliefs and communal harmony. Frauds and hate-mongers as Michael Prabu and his son, Vimal Ajay Prabhu, have no place in the Indian society.



This is to bring to the notice of the public, that a person by the name of Mr. Vimal Ajay Prabhu, alias vapchristopher, claiming to be an employee of a reputed organization, Apollo Hospitals in Chennai, has committed fraud, sexual harassment, and defamation of women employees of UNADAP, as he had done to his ex-wife. Prabhu was previously jailed for he and his fraud father, had brutalized his wife and abandoned his infant daughter in 2013. <<<READ MORE>>>

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