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This is to notify the public against internet frauds, impersonators and extortionists, Mr. Mohan Prabhu alias Michael Prabhu, alias Gemma Fernandes and a dozen other aliases; his son Vimal Ajay Prabhu alias Vap Christopher, and Prabhu's illicit partner, Sunil Francis Lobo.

For detailed information on criminals, Michael Prabhu, his romantic partner, Sunil Franics Lobo, his gay son Vimal Ajay Prabhu, please write to,

UNADAP being a public organisation working with governments, the United Nations and other think tanks, is subject to public scrutiny and sometimes, the subject of libel and false allegations. Whilst we do not address all criticisms and find that criticisms are healthy in a democracy; we find ourselves in the position to defend the truth in the light of false allegations by career criminals who use social media smear campaigns for extortion. As such, after consultations with the government of India, the United States and the United Nations, we produce the malafide deeds of frauds, Michael Prabhu, his son, Vimal Ajay Prabhu, and his illicit partner, Sunil Francis Lobo. A comprehensive report will be published in due season.

There were a barrage of allegations against top UN officials to exploit and extort, but the Indian intelligence agencies were on high alert and have taken the appropriate action. These career criminals for decades have been targeting the Catholic Church, UN senior officials and corporate senior executives.

The Karnataka and Tamilnadu State Intelligence and Economic Wing, in its report had confirmed the scam run by Michael Mohan Prabhu and gang. Finally, the authorities confirmed that this group were extortionists and psychologically unstable wife-beaters. The Honourable Courts have taken note of the same.

UPDATE MAY 30, 2022:

After deceiving the Catholic Church for over 30 years, now Mohan Prabhu alias Michael Prabhu and his son, Vimal Ajay Prabhu have deceived Tamilnadu Police by creating a hysteria and conspiracy theories, thereby wasting the time and resources of Tamilnadu and Karnataka Police. We will soon release a full report.

NOTE: The office of the Chief Legal Officer of UNADAP had filed an injunction suit and a defamation suit on 16.12.2021, against the father-son accused. Scared, the accused had filed a false petition with the CoP, Chennai, even though the matter was subjudice.

It should be noted that no official investigation was carried out.

However, when officers of UNADAP were informed by senior police officials that there was a petition and the police were hesitant to reach out to us; our legal team and board members made the first move and welcomed the enquiry. It turned out to be a good move, as now the Government of Karnataka and State Police have given UNADAP and its officers a clean certification vide the State Intelligence report, classified under the Secrecy Act. We are awaiting for more documents from the government, for further legal action.

<<<ALSO READ>>> In 2017, Prabhu's father, Michael Prabhu was declared as a "FRAUD" and an "IMPOSTER" by the United Nations. <<<READ REPORT>>>

We have received the Intelligence report negating all false allegations made by these low-lives; sociopath Vimal Ajay Prabhu and Psychopath, Mohan Prabhu alias Michael Prabhu.


The following actions have been taken:


1: Since these miscreants have deleted all social media defamatory fake accounts, we have withdrawn the O.S. Injunction suit, as the purpose was served. This decision was taken on May 16, 2022, by our council of legal advisors and UN officials. Furthermore, our legal experts and authorities have advised us not to waste our time on such anti-social elements. We have withdrawn the injunction suit with the liberty to file a fresh petition if in case the defamations persists. <<<Read Memo of withdrawal>>>

2: The P.C.R. for criminal defamation has been registered and the case is under enquiry, with full cooperation and testimonial from Bangalore City Police.


1. The Police Chief has given us certified copies of the complaint made by the miscreants and their so-called evidences in a spiral binder with a blue transparent cover, which will be used as evidence in the Court. <<<Click here to read their complaint>>>

2. The investigation report based on the complaints made against UNADAP and its officers have been in favour of UNADAP and its officers, citing that all allegations made were false. We are not authorised to post the report here as it falls under the Official Secrets Act 1923. Upon appeal, the State has provided us with certified copies to present it at the Court as evidence for the criminal defamation suit.

It has to be noted that this father-son psychopathic duo are toxic people. The report has named Sunil Francis Lobo as well. We have been advised by reputed Church leaders that Michael Prabhu has mental issues and he should not be taken seriously as no one ever has. This was a contributing factor in the withdrawal of the injunction.

When the accused, Vimal was called for questioning by Bangalore City Police, he pleaded that his mother is undergoing treatment for cancer and that he was unable to appear in person.

When the Hon'ble Court had called the deranged father-son to produce evidences against their petitions, till date they have not submitted any evidences and have not appeared before the Hon'ble Court.

We thank all those who have stood with us and the 47 people who have come forward as witnesses.

We are most grateful to the UN Secretariat for their support and guidance through this process.

With Regards,


Protocol Secretariat

UPDATE 20.12.2021 | Secondary evidence and Affidavits were filed in the Hon'ble Courts today.


CRIMINAL SUIT (OS) against Vimal Ajay Prabhu & his father, Mohan Prabhu, alias Michael Prabhu

Our battery of lawyers along with the Executive Director of UNADAP, have filed an OS against the perpetrators, Vimal Ajay Prabhu employee of Apollo Hospitals and his father, Mohan Prabhu alias Michael Prabhu at the Addl Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Court, Bangalore, U/S 200 CrPC, punishable under sections 499 and 500 of the IPC.

Our investigative team are grateful to the various government offices and partners who have gathered information and helped us to track down this deranged wife-beater and child-abandoner, along with his eccentric, father who has stripped the dignity of women for almost 30 years. 

Please note that the name amendment is in process at the respective court.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: In 2017, Vimal Prabhu's father, Michael Prabhu was declared as a "FRAUD" and an "IMPOSTER" by the United Nations. <<<READ REPORT>>>

Secondary evidence.jpg

Secondary evidence was submitted at the Hon'ble Court


An affidavit was filed in the Hon'ble Court for ammendment

NOTE: The accused, Vimal Ajay Prabhu has continuously been spreading lies and we are dealing with that through a legal process. The office of the Commissioner of Police, Bengaluru city, and our jurisdiction SHO have been informed about the matter. 


The civil and criminal matters are before the Hon'ble Court, and our legal advisor, Mr. Chethan Patel, CJ, may be contacted on 97422-64651, for further clarifications. Kindly note that due to our travel schedules, or our legal advisor's court sessions, we may not be in a position to take your call, but we would certainly return your call. Please leave us a text. Furthermore, you may drop us an e-mail at,

CIVIL SUIT FILED FOR PERMANENT INJUNCTION, in the Court of the Hon’ble City Civil and Sessions Judge at Bangalore.


1. Mr. Mohan Prabhu @ Michael Prabhu

2. Mr. Vimal Ajay Prabhu

SUIT 1.jpg
SUIT 2.jpg

CIVIL SUIT FILED FOR PERMANENT INJUNCTION, in the Court of the Hon’ble City Civil and Sessions Judge at Bangalore.



1. Mr. Mohan Prabhu @ Michael Prabhu

2. Mr. Vijay Amul Prabhu


SUIT against the fraudulent and defamatory actions of Vijay Amul Prabhu, employee of Apollo Hospitals, Chennai and his father, Mohan Prabhu @ Michael Prabhu. It should be noted that Mohan Prabhu @ Michael Prabhu has been involved in extortion for over twenty-five years through libel, defamation, entrapment, coercing even before the age of social media, stripping women of their dignity by revealing sensitive information about the victims. In the advent of social media, Mohan and his son Vimal have embarked on the use of such devices.


Our legal team have filed criminal cases against the said persons for defamatory and derogatory activities and statements published by Vijay Amul Prabhu, employee of Apollo Hospitals, Chennai and his father, Mohan Prabhu @ Michael Prabhu. Our legal team has registered a complaint before the Commissioner of Police, Bengaluru city.


Both matters have been presented before the Hon’ble Court about the above mentioned persons activities of libel, defamation, lying, insinuating with innuendos, causing unrest to several international entities and disrupting the work of peace carried out by UNADAP and its officers.


The legal team of UNADAP has produced over 60 pages of documentation, depositions and evidence before the Hon’ble Judge, against the said accused, along with documentation evidence from respective agencies, to rebut the lies and false allegations made by the accused, father and son duo, in their use of false comparisons, and suggestive means to mislead the public and media persons.


Some of the officials, whom these perverts of the truth have contacted with their smear campaign, have alerted us and submitted the evidence. They have assisted us to trace and track the source of the defamatory content. leading to the accused.


Cyber intelligence has traced the IP address and systems used by the accused. Apparently, Vimal has been conducting his libellous acts during working hours whilst being paid by Apollo Hospitals, and from his working computer system. Details have been produced before the Hon’ble Judge. The culprits will be brought to book.


Any further means of harassment or their smear campaign, or actions as mentioned above by the accused, or if they communicate libellously with of our associates or partners as they have done based on our social media/ websites update, about the events, or forwarding our material, would be in contempt to court and will be arrested.


A self-printed, self-published book by Mohan Prabhu @ Michael Prabhu that is communal in nature against Hindus in India has now been removed from books stands, and concerned groups, in regards to publishing anti-Indian content, will initiate legal action against the father-son duo for such a publication. Copies of the book are with the relevant authorities.


The public is therefore requested to inform us about such acts as you have done over the last three weeks, if these accused contacts you in any manner whatsoever. You are also requested not to be party of their libel by forwarding their material, but inform us immediately.


Thank you,

From the desk of the

Chief Legal Advisor


Represented by Advocate Chethan Patel G.J.




Vimal Twitter post.JPG

UPDATE: Pervert and misogynistic wife-beater and child-abandoner, Vijay Amal Prabhu Tweets against his wife, to male journalists

Pervert, Vijay Amal Prabhu had created a social media propaganda against UNADAP and its officers, tagging and communicating with government authorities and officials at UN offices. When contacted, UNADAP has submitted clarifications and the officials were satisfied. This man has humiliated the mother of his daughter, publicly on social media, after brutalising her. He then sent out e-mails to her male colleagues with compromising content.


Many have questioned this man's character and mental frame of mind, that if he could do this to his former wife, he could do this to any other woman. 

We will start posting his e-mails and other content that our investigators have obtained.



This is to bring to the notice of the public, that a person by the name of Mr. Vimal Ajay Prabhu, alias vapchristopher, claiming to be an employee of a reputed organization, Apollo Hospitals in Chennai, has committed fraud, sexual harassment, and defamation of women employees of UNADAP, as he had done to his ex-wife. Prabhu was previously jailed for he and his fraud father, had brutalized his wife and abandoned his infant daughter in 2013.

In 2017, Prabhu's father, Michael Prabhu was declared as a "FRAUD" and an "IMPOSTER" by the United Nations. <<<READ REPORT>>>

The modus operandi is that these deranged men attempt to discredit the character of innocent women, and when UNADAP had confronted such disgusting behaviors, they have now attempted to discredit UNADAP and its officers. Victimization through online bullying and defamation has been one of the biggest issues that vulnerable woman have had to deal with, and UNADAP will be at the forefront fighting this battle, even if our officers face the wrath from such unscrupulous men, as we already have.

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