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REBUTTAL against the false allegations made by the UN Human Rights chief, Michelle Bachelet, in regards to India's policy in regards to India’s Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) norms, after targeting India’s Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and National Register of Citizens (NRC). 


These are some of the statements of 2019 made by the Executive Director of UNADAP, Dr. Dominic F Dixon, defending the Government of India.

It is the civil and moral duty of every Indian, to defend the integrity of India. I'm a Christian, which makes me a minority and as a minority, I do not feel threatened. I freely practice my religion, in harmony with the nation. - Dr. Dominic F Dixon

A brief response to the *United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIFR)*

LOCATION: United Nations Office in Geneva

FORUM: UN Conference on Business and Human Rights

AUDIENCE: The UN Forum is the world's largest annual gathering on business and human rights with more than 2,000 participants from government, business, community groups and civil society, law firms, investor organisations, UN bodies, national human rights institutions, trade unions, academia and the media.

DATE: November 25-27, 2019

USCIFR, my response is a look in the mirror of the ‘persecution’, ‘police state’, ‘genocide’ etc., that is prevalent in the US, and yet, the US refuses to remove the log in its own eye, but magnifies the speck in the eye of India.


1. Mass incarceration: At the dawn of the 21st century, 1 in 3 black boys, and 1 in 6 Latino boys, was projected to go to jail or prison for a lifetime.


2. Law-crazed United States incarcerates more of its citizens that any other nation in the world.


3. The United States has 5% of the world’s population but nearly 25% of its prisoners.


4. Police state US, imprisons more than 2.2 million Americans.


5. The US has a history of genocide, slavery, lynching and racial segregation; that is still prevalent with African Americans and people of color that are marginalized, disadvantaged and and disproportionately impoverished. 


6. The justice system is infected with racial bias and a presumption of guilt has led to unjustified police violence against black and brown people.


7. What about the crime against humanity when the US arbitrary attacked Iraq, against the advice of the United Nations, in violation of the Articles on the Responsibility of States for Internationally Wrongful Acts (ARISWA)?

A brief rebuttal note to the UN High Commissioner in regards to his false claims at the CAA

LOCATION: United Nations Office in New York

FORUM: Diplomatic Protocol

AUDIENCE: Office of the UN High Commissioner

DATE: December 14, 2019

The UN has no *Locus standi* in the matter of CAA. The Act was passed in the Indian parliament in a constitutional manner, not through arbitrary means. 


The UN has voiced it’s concerns as the Spokesperson for the *UN High Commissioner for Human Rights* had said in Geneva that it is "concerned" that the CAA is "fundamentally discriminatory in nature". 


*India had responded:*


"It seeks to address their current difficulties and meet their basic human rights. Such an initiative should be welcomed, not criticised by those who are genuinely committed to religious freedom," the *Ministry of External Affairs (MEA)* said.

LOCATION: United Nations Office in New York


AUDIENCE: International diplomatic community/ media/ civil society organizations | UN ECOSOC

DATE: August 03, 2019


*STOP* bashing and branding the Government of India, especially the MHA and the MEA as rouge departments, without first verifying the facts. The lady in the video had expressed her grievance and the Indian consulate took the appropriate action, which was not appreciated by any anti-national bashers.


My diplomatic colleagues at the Indian mission of the Indian consulate in San Francisco have assisted the victim.


The Consulate, on the same day had waived the requirements of the *Hague Convention* that requires *apostilling of legal documents.* This was done to help accelerate the process required for the victim to appeal her case; according to the principles of natural justice.


*Why was this required?* Had the mission not *resolved* to waive the convention, according to *diplomatic protocol* this could have had an adverse effect on the due process as the criminal's lawyer could have appealed on technical grounds that the due process was not followed, causing the convict to remain free.


There are a few that work behind the scenes to help victims such as this lady, because they know the pain of being a victim and then treated as a perpetrator.

LOCATION: United Nations Office in New York


AUDIENCE: International diplomatic community/ media/ civil society organizations

DATE: July 11, 2018


According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), a total of 244,094 refugees and asylum seekers are provided protection and assistance in India. Of these, 203,235 refugees are from Sri Lanka and Tibet and are protected by the Government of India while 40,859 are registered with UNHCR. Refugees are entitled to all human rights. They have the right to practice their beliefs, to move freely, to be free from torture and other degrading treatment to name a few. They also have the right to education, healthcare and work. The Constitution of India further solidifies their protection by affording them the fundamental rights to equality before law, to life and liberty and to practice and propagate one’s own religion under Articles 14, 15 and 25 respectively.

Defending national interests over refugee and illegal migration, at international platforms. I strongly believe that India has the mandate to protect itself against infiltration in the guise of refugee migration; as such a plight is evidential with the refugee migration & terror in Europe.


Palestine-Israel conflict - a recommendation to the United Nations: That the de jure territory is rightfully the de facto land of Israel. I do not endorse a “two-state solution” that would establish Palestine as an independent state in Gaza and most of the West Bank, leaving the rest of the land to Israel. Because, Gaza is home to Hamas, which is a Palestinian Sunni- Islamist fundamentalist organization that has been the de facto governing body of the Gaza strip, and is a threat to peace and security to the nation of Israel and a breathing ground for terror.


KLEPTOCRACY - Exploitation of Nations

This research paper is the manifestation of Dr Dixon's programme in Diplomatic Practice at the United Nations Headquarters in Vienna, Austria and in Economic Diplomacy in Geneva, Switzerland.

This paper is aimed at drawing attention to anti-corruption activists and advocacies against corruption; and to postulate an international perspective of the innumerable forms of modus operandi envisaged by Kleptocrats. Research and cases studies have been derived from dozens of publications, interviewing of bureaucrats and diplomats, political ministers and investigative journalists.

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